Welcome to Stacking Stones Writers!

Writing is your passion, but you have a hard time developing your writing practice. You wish you had a friend who struggles with this the same way you do. Well, now you do!

Stacking Stones Writers is a community of writers. Posts are meant to help you with the things that get in the way of your writing. From defining your why (the reason you write), to writing prompts, and so much more, the posts on this blog are not lengthy. You already have a book or two or three you are readings anyway. Here you will find short posts to inspire you to write – write more often, write better content, develop your practice – to write now.

Follow along in order or jump around to whatever inspires you to write now. If you feel comfortable, and I hope you will, make a brief comment about what you were inspired to write. In this way, we will encourage each other to write more.

Leave a brief comment whenever you are struggling with your writing or have a question. Let our community of writers offer help and encouragement.

Other than that, let’s write – write now! Go to Blog Posts to get started.

Happy writing…