What to Write

I have spent a great deal of time in the garden lately, seeking refuge. Quiet. Peace. Solace. Things that are hard to come by during these hard times.

I have sat, staring at the blinking cursor, wondering what I might have to say, to write, that could possibly have any meaning in light of the current upheaval in America. My gaze has traveled up from the computer screen, to the view out my window. Hummingbirds visit the feeder. The mountains still stand against a Montana big, blue sky; clouds still sail by on their way to the prairies. Brinkley sleeps at my feet; Spur lounges in the chair. It all looks the same, but it doesn’t feel the same.

So what do I write? What do you write?

Write Power

No matter what words we choose to put down, we are giving power to ideas, thoughts, and actions. What does that look like? In my journal, my words focus on making sense of the senseless, the sadness, the heartbreak I see. In my manuscript, my words come out as tangents, as my characters try to sort through some of their feelings. In the latter, I realize most of this will be edited out, but when my mind is so filled with these emotions, I find it difficult to get away from them.

Why to Keep Writing

We must keep writing. After all, we are writers. Some day, someone will pick up our books, read them, use them as escape from a harsh reality or as perspective as they try to deal with their own reality. Either way, we must write. Keep writing. Even when, especially when, the world and the words don’t make sense.

A Writer’s Escape

I have been reading some particularly challenging books lately, mostly those with old English and impossibly long sentences and at times seemingly unending description. I must focus on the words, the sequence. The craft of these writers is so different from my own. This difference helps me focus on the tools they use in their writing and pick up a few tidbits. These works also help me to escape into a different time, if only just for a little while. Perhaps, something like this might help you, too. (Think Bronte, Shakespeare, or even a different genre than you normally read. I read a book on goats.)

Write on.

Regardless of the tools we use, keep writing. Remember, editing will take care of any mess we create. The important thing is to let the words fly onto the page.

Happy writing… ~T

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