I Cannot Write Well These Days

John and I at a University of Montana Grizzly football game; fall, 2016 - a favorite activity we did for years.

I thought I would be able to start writing my blog posts three times a week, as I had before John passed away. But I am not there yet. I apologize for any inconvenience. I am writing on my projects, but that can be edited.

When I blog, I want to respect you by posting only quality content. That is just out of reach for me at this time. I will post intermittently, trying for once per week on Mondays.

Today as I sat down to write a post from some notes I had made during the week, I just could not make it come together. Everything seemed flat and uninteresting, not motivational.

Bear with me, please, as I navigate this extremely difficult time. I have lost the love of my life, my companion, my best friend – and I need some time. Thank you for understanding.

2 Replies to “I Cannot Write Well These Days”

  1. I’m sure you’ve moved well from things that bore you down. Thankyou for this generous share. I’m going thru a different but extremely demanding time with a sick child who must go thru varieties of meds….and feel that ” flat… no motivation” moment. Praying it will pass.


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