Motivational Mondays Writing Challenge – 7.1.2019

Using Life to Boost Your Writing

Blodgett Creek, Bitterroot National Forest, is a hike we often take on holidays like the Fourth.  Photo:  John Duncan

Another celebration is upon us in the U.S – the Fourth of July.  Think of all the things that happen on the Fourth:  picnics, BBQs, fireworks, parades, pie eating contests, hot dog eating contests, games like tug of war and croquet, family reunions and so much more.

Any one of these events makes a great setting for something exciting to write about.  Think about your fictional characters or the people in your memoir and place them in a Fourth of July scene – having fun or arguing or whatever. 

Need more inspiration to get you started?  Pick one of the prompts below and start writing.

-The picnic was in full swing when the downpour hit.

-Our spot in the parade line was ________________________

-The fireworks in the sky were nothing compared to ________

-Jim face-planted into the ______________________________

-After her loss in the pie eating contest ___________________

Let me know how it goes!

Happy writing… ~T

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