Photo Friday Challenge! 6.28.2019

Let’s start something new!

For the rest of the summer, let’s try the Photo Friday Challenge a different way!

I will still be posting a picture, but I will not write the scene myself to give you an example.  I will post a possible lead in for the story in the form of a phrase.  You can choose to write from the lead I provide, or make up your own.  I will include a checklist of sensory reminders to help you write in such a way your reader feels placed within the scene.

Write a sentence, a paragraph, or an entire chapter.  Whatever you choose, keep writing.

Wild Roses! This time of year, these wild roses are blooming along every trail in the Bitterroot Valley, near every stream.

What will you write about them? If you would like to know what I would say, leave a comment and I will post my story for this photo.

Happy writing… ~T

The goal of the Photo Friday Challenge is to help you, a writer, envision and write new scenes, to imagine new places, and to kick writer’s block to the curb. I invite you to be inspired by my photos, maybe even write your own description of the photo. OR, better yet, post a photo of your own and write that scene.

At Stacking Stones Writers, I seek to create a community of writers, a place you can go to find encouragement for your passion – writing.  Please follow the Stacking Stones Writers blog to have easy access to all the tips, tools, and ideas shared here.  Thank you!

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