Workout Wednesday! 6.26.2019

Getting Published in 3 “Easy” Steps

Writing ideas folder.  Photo:  Theresa Duncan

No matter why we write, we strive for the validation that someone else likes the words we write enough to print them in a publication read by some number of people, all of whom we do not know.  Writers like us know this is difficult, but we still dream it and pursue it.

There’s a catch, one that we put upon ourselves:  we must submit our writing.  We must be willing to let it go, to put it out into the world, then enter the no-man’s-land of waiting for a reply.

Step 1. Write. Edit. Repeat.

You don’t have anything to send for consideration if you haven’t been writing, editing that writing until it’s your best, letting writing friends workshop your near-final draft, then editing it again, repeat, repeat, repeat…

Step 2. Submit.

Find a publisher or contest seeking writing like yours.  I like to browse Poets and Writers and I keep track of what is being published in my favorite magazines and literary journals.  When I find a place my writing may fit, I print my piece, and this part is important:  following their directions for word count, how to mark my work (name or no name on each page, pagination, cover sheet, etc.), I submit

Step 3. Write some more.

I keep a spreadsheet of what pieces I’ve submitted and where I’ve submitted them, along with what and when I heard back.  This next part, though, is even more important:  write.  Write something new.  Keep writing.  If you skip this step, it is fatal to your writing practice, because when the next contest or submission period comes along, you must have some great writing ready to submit.

Writing is our dream, but it is also our job.  It is work, and it is joy, your best friend and your worst enemy.  Being published is not easy; I don’t think it ever has been.  We are writers, though, and no one ever said this would be easy.

Comment the title of a piece you have submitted or plan to submit, so I can cheer you on from here.  Keep honing your craft.  Keep believing. And as always…

Happy writing… ~T

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