Photo Friday Challenge! 6.21.2019

Feeding the Family by Theresa Duncan

The goal of the Photo Friday Challenge is to help you, a writer, envision and write new scenes, to imagine new places, and to kick writer’s block to the curb. I invite you to be inspired by my photos, maybe even write your own description of the photo. OR, better yet, post a photo of your own and write that scene.

First of all, my apologies. I was unable to post this on time due to technical difficulties. Thank you for understanding. Watch for a new way of doing the Photo Friday Challenge next week!

Black bear cub.  (Photo:  Theresa Duncan)

I stepped onto the back deck just as she was climbing the tree and I began talking to her.  “Get off of there!  Go on!  Get down.”  The black bear froze, staring at me, making no

movement to obey.  She used her mouth to work the pulley that suspends our bird feeders high in the air.  I had already removed one feeder for the day and was returning to get the other, as I had seen her down the hill, looking towards the house.

I walked to the post where my side of the pulley was, about fourteen feet from her tree.  We were eye-to-eye before I saw movement at my feet.  Climbing the tree on my side of the pulley were her two small cubs.  I quickly realized that Mama Bear was going to get agitated, since I was closer to her cubs than her.  I clapped and hollered at the cubs, who looked from their mother to me back to their mother for a sign.  To my surprise, Mama returned to her task at the pulley.  As soon as Mama let go, I yanked on the pulley at my side, grabbed the feeder, and unhooked it.  The cubs continued climbing and were almost on the deck railing, when I took the last feeder into the house.

Realizing her snack was gone, Mama Bear climbed down and grunted at her cubs who climbed down to join her.  They all began eating the spilled seeds from the ground.  Eighteen feet above them on the upper deck, I told them to leave.  I clapped and hollered to no avail.  When they finished their snack, the bear family walked over to the water tank and took a drink, then wandered down the hill. 

I didn’t put the feeders out for more than a week, then decided to try again, having seen no signs of Mama and her family.  As if showing up to work on time, Mama and the cubs appeared out of the trees at 2 o’clock.  She watched as I removed the feeders for the last time and went into the house.  She sniffed around, overturning rocks, then the family headed back in to the trees.

The birds and the bears must find food elsewhere for a while.  For now, the lines on the pulley will be empty, the bird song will be quiet, and the bears will be safe, foraging in the woods.

Remember to watch for a new way of doing the Photo Friday Challenge next Friday. Until then…

Your turn!

Rewrite my scene. Or take a picture and write your own. Post it in the comments. Have fun! Whatever you do, write. Write now!

Happy writing… ~T

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