Motivational Mondays Writing Challenge! 6.24.2019

One Way to Begin a Story

Watercolor artwork.  Artwork:  Abigail S. Jetter.  Photo:  Theresa Duncan

Once upon a time.  Such a classic phrase.  When we read it, we often think of fairy tales from our childhood.  My husband tells of his college professor who told students this phrase was the cure for writer’s block.  He would say something like, “Just type out ‘Once upon a time’ and then keep going.”

I did an experiment.  Every day last week, I typed out that line.  Some days the next words came easily.  Other days, not so much.  I kept sitting there, on those difficult days, until something came to me.  Just like the rest of my writing practice,

I made the commitment to sit there until the next words, no matter how crappy, came.  I now have seven stories that begin with “One upon a time.”  Of course, I will edit those words out, but the phrase did seem to help me keep writing during a week when writing seemed elusive.

Skeptical?  Just try it.  I’ll even start you with a little extra help.

Once upon a time, I believed _____________________.

Don’t stop now.  Keep writing.  Why did you believe that?  Why don’t you believe that now?  What changed?  How did it change?  Will you ever believe that again?  Has your belief evolved into something similar or something entirely new?  Explain this.

Have fun with this.  Let me know what you come up with.

Happy writing… ~T

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