Photo Friday Challenge! June 7, 2019

The goal of the Photo Friday Challenge is to help you, a writer, envision and write new scenes, to imagine new places, and to kick writer’s block to the curb. I invite you to be inspired by my photos, maybe even write your own description of the photo. OR, better yet, post a photo of your own and write that scene.

My Town by Theresa Duncan

The sunny, eighty degree afternoon meant one thing to me – ice cream. John and I got into the car and headed down the mountain to a favorite spot – Big Creek Coffee. They sell the locally famous Big Dipper ice cream and this would be our first indulgence of the summer.

We place our order – mocha chip for me, heath for John – and head outside. Looking across Main Street, my another favorite, Chapter One Book Store, sits. One of the owners, Mara, has just brought her daughter over for ice cream and said hello as they went inside. A few minutes later, a curly blonde four-year-old walked toward us with a bouquet of dandelions in one hand and her Dad’s hand in the other. When I smiled at her, she said, “I got fwowuhs for my mommy!” I said, “Oh, how beautiful! She will love them.”

Several people passed, smiling or nodding, or even offering a hello as we sat with our treat. I thought of a favorite line from the movie, Runaway Bride. The character, Cory Flemming signs off his live boradcast saying, “May the good Lord make you smart enough to live in a small town.” Amen, Cory. Amen.

Your turn!

Rewrite my scene. Or take a picture and write your own. Post it in the comments. Have fun! Whatever you do, write. Write now!

Happy writing… ~T

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