Photo Friday Challenge! May 31, 2019

Have you taken the challenge yet?

The goal of Photo Fridays has always been to help you, a writer, envision and write new scenes, to imagine new places, to kick writer’s block to the curb.

Remember, there are two goals for this challenge:

  • create a habit of writing scenes from photos
  • create a regular writing practice

Here’s my post for this week. If you don’t have a photo, make up a story to go with mine.

The Road Home by Theresa Duncan

Storm cloud over Roaring Lion Canyon, Bitterroot Valley, Montana.  (Photo: Theresa Duncan)

I always look forward to trips. For me, each one brings adventure, a chance to see things in a new way. When the trip is over and I turn west off Highway 93, I am reminded of Dorothy’s mantra, “There’s no place like home.”

The way home takes me up, out of the valley, beyond the experiences of any trip. Somewhere on the first hill, I almost always sigh, even as I push harder on the gas pedal, push to get home. When I finally leave pavement, only a mile left to go, I slow. Often I think I have entered a storybook. The cottonwood and Ponderosa pine trees arch over the road, covering the path, hiding birds who scatter as I approach. Deer look up, bored with my presence.

Farther up the road, the last hill, a quick bend to the left, and my world opens up before me. The meadow to the left, the hillside to the right. Sometimes there are turkey, sometimes elk, almost always whitetail deer. John may be outside, waving as I head to the driveway. If John is out, Brinkley is out, too, wagging and barking his hello.

No matter what wonderful experience I have had, no matter what good time, I feel at ease. Dorothy is right, “There’s no place like home.”

Going further…

What is the road like to your home? What emotions do you feel as you head home? Write the scene and feelings you have as you head home. Or write this for a character in your novel.

Further still…

Take a picture of a home you admire. What makes this place special for you? Imagine you or a character of yours living there. Describe what it feels like to walk up to and through that door.

What pictures have you taken since starting this challenge? How have they helped you with scene writing? Photos serve as a kind of sketchbook for writers and can be a great help when you have writer’s block. Take all kinds of pictures! Are you going to Farmer’s Market this weekend? A bookstore? A coffee shop? Going on a hike? Take pictures of scenes. This is a great tool! Let me know how it helps you!

Happy writing… ~T

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