Last one? Motivational Mondays Writing Challenge!

Road trip – May 27, 2019

A road to the cloud shrouded mountains through a cracked and rain-speckled windshield.  (Photo:  Theresa Duncan)

As summer approaches, are you planning a road trip?  Most of us fly to destinations more often than we drive.  We don’t want to waste time getting there; we just want to be there and tackle our to-do list.

When our three children were little, we always took road trips.  We drove into the mountains from our riverside home many evenings, or went in to town to get a treat.  We drove to favorite camping and fishing spots.  We spent a great deal of time in the car.  About once a year, we took a road trip.  We went to Arizona a few times to see family, even to Illinois once.  More times than not, we drove to the Oregon Coast, still a favorite spot for some of us.  Sometimes, we went in January; other times in April or October.  That was when work was slow and John had time for a trip.

Road Trip! – Writing Challenge Prompt

1)  Where did you go on your last road trip?  Who was with you?  What memory of that trip sets it apart from other trips?  Why is that trip important to you?

2)  Why do you hate road trips?  What happened on a road trip that made you vow to fly whenever possible to avoid that experience?  Who was with you? 

3)  If you could go anywhere on a road trip right now, all expenses paid, where would you go?  Why there?  What would you do there?  Who would you take with you?  Or would you go alone?  Would you meet someone there?  Or travel there together? 

4) Got a better idea?  Write that.

Going further…

Include dialogue! You can use this to show (rather than tell) who was in the car and where the car was headed. You can also show who was excited and who was not excited about the excursion.

Further still…

Have you included all your senses in your writing?  Touch?  Sight?  Hearing?  Smell?  Taste?

This is the last Monday in May, and technically the last Monday Motivational Challenge. If you have found these writing prompts helpful, please leave a comment. Most of all, do you want these to continue? Just let me know. I’d appreciate your feedback!

Happy writing… ~T

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