Motivational Mondays Writing Challenge!

Seasonality – Monday, May 20, 2019

Lupine and Arrowleaf balsamroot bloom across the road from my house (Photo: Theresa Duncan)

John’s parents came over every Sunday afternoon for years, arriving just as we got home from church ourselves.  As we rushed to change clothes and start a meal, the talk in the kitchen always began in the same way.  The weather.  How hot

or cold it had been.  How the garden or the garden plans were being affected by these conditions.  What kind of fire season we might have.

My two favorite seasons in Montana are first summer, then fall.  I would add spring, but I think spring is more a relief of gray winter more than a favorite.  The arrowleaf balsamroot and lupine blooming around Mother’s Day, sending their riots of color across the hillsides, making me happy, do give me a fondness for spring, though.

Seasonality – Writing Challenge Prompt

1)  What is your favorite season?  Why?  Where is your favorite place to be in that season?  How often do you go there?  What does this season offer you that is different from what you experience in the other seasons? 

2)  What season do you most dread?  Why?  How do you feel during that season?  What are the colors outside your window?  What smells dominate that season? 

3) Take a sarcastic look at a season.  Make fun of Halloween and adult costumes.  If winter makes you feel like a freezer pop, what flavor(s) would you be?  Does hay fever make you into a walking pharmacy of decongestants and nose sprays in spring?  What if you melted in the summer?  Have fun, being and feeling something different, out-of-the-ordinary.

4)  Got a better idea?  Write that!

Going further…

What color most symbolizes the season you chose to write about?  Why?  Add that to your story. Be more specific about the color you chose.  For instance, if spring is green, what kind of green?  Kelly green?  Neon green?  Yellow green?

Further still…

Hone your writing skills and the way you talk about your writing! Write and post a brief comment about what you wrote. No more than three or four sentences. Some would call this their “elevator pitch.”

Haven’t heard of that? The average elevator ride takes about two minutes. If you were in an elevator with an agent who asked, “What are you writing?” and you had to finish before the elevator stopped, how would you pitch this as an idea for an essay? What would you say? That is your elevator pitch.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you! And as always,

Happy writing… ~T

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