Motivational Monday Challenge!


Pastel pink and white floral card with the word "Hi" cut out.  Sent to me from a friend.  Card by Herd Swapp Stationery.  Photo:  Theresa Duncan

Few people call anyone these days.  We are all about texting.  Some lament this as a loss of connection.  Some argue that before the telephone, we wrote the letters, suggesting that the highest form of communication is the written word.  As a writer, I like that thought, but then I try to remember the last time I wrote a letter to anyone.  I am averaging two per year, sadly.

Writing Challenge Prompt – Letters


1) When was the last time you wrote a letter?  Who was it to?  What did you say?  What emotions did you experience as you wrote it?

2) When was the last time you received a letter?  Who was it from?  What was it about?  How did it make you feel?

3)  Have a character in your novel write a letter or receive a letter.  Write the scene.  What is in the letter?  What action does the letter spark in the characters involved?

4) Got a better idea?  Write that. (And please share it with us by leaving a comment!)

Going further…

Was your letter typed or handwritten?  Did you describe the penmanship or font?

Further still

What kind of paper or stationary was the letter on?  Or was it in a card?  If so, what kind of card?  Did it all fit in the blank space of the card?

Happy writing… ~T

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