Photo Friday: What’s New?

Service berry bloom.  (Photo:  John Duncan)

There are a lot of new things happening at my Montana home, now that spring has finally and truly arrived. The service berry bush down the hill blooms. The first wave of arrowleaf balsamroot bloom, just in time for Mother’s Day. Our Rhode Island Red chickens have been moved to another part of the lawn, where they eagerly dethatch and dispatch any blooming dandelions in their path. Last weekend, my daughter and her partner raked all the pine needles and cones, clearing our defensible space. The hummingbirds bomb the feeder. Last year’s fawns have been kicked

out by the does and new fawns will be arriving soon. Wild turkeys, Canada geese, robins, siskins, and chickadees have picked mates and busy themselves setting up housekeeping.

New things at Stacking Stones Writers

While our schedule at Stacking Stones Writers will remain the same with blog posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week, there will be some new and exciting ways for you to participate.

Motivational Mondays!

Cliff face with Ponderosa pines in the foreground.  Blodgett Canyon, Montana.  (Photo: Theresa Duncan)

Mechanical Mondays, when we focused on the mechanics of writing, are now Motivational Mondays! These are original writing prompts, complete with options, to help you jump start your writing for the week. (Be sure to follow the blog so you don’t miss one!)

[W]reading Wednesdays!

It’s reading season! What better way to celebrate than with [W]reading Wednesdays! – the book club you can join whenever and wherever you are!

Blodgett Creek, Montana.  (Photo:  Theresa Duncan)

Each Wednesday in May, I will post a quick review of a book I have recently read that you may want to add to your summer reading list. (I hope there is a beach, pool, or lake somewhere in your summer plans!) I will focus on fiction and creative non-fiction, and include a short list of questions, helping you focus on reading like a writer. (Be sure to follow Stacking Stones Writers to stay updated.)

Photo Friday Challenge!

Biterroot Valley, Montana, from Blodgett Canyon. (Photo:  Theresa Duncan)

This is the same Photo Friday you have been seeing, but with a twist. Now with the Photo Friday Challenge, you post a picture each Friday and write a brief description of it. (Please be sure to include where the photo was taken and photographer.)

The goal of Photo Fridays has always been to help you envision and write new scenes, to imagine new places, to kick writer’s block to the curb. (I will still post a picture every Friday, too.)

You’re invited…

I invite you to follow Stacking Stones Writers so you don’t miss any of these great new features in May. Be sure to let me know what you think (comment), participate in the challenges (comment, which will be something you can look to and elaborate on in your own writing), and have fun with your writer’s eye and mind wherever you are!

Happy writing… ~T

At Stacking Stones Writers, I seek to create a community of writers, a place you can go to find encouragement for your passion – writing.  Please follow the Stacking Stones Writers blog to have easy access to all the tips, tools, and ideas shared here.  Thank you!

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