New! Motivational Mondays Writing Challenge

Every Monday in May, I will share an original writing prompt with you.  There is something funny about writing prompts, especially when you commit to a challenge.  You are either inspired by them to write the prompt, or, to avoid writing the prompt, you start writing something completely different. 

We writers can be an independent and rebellious lot. My challenge to you, dear writing friends, is to join the Motivational Mondays Challenge.  Follow Stacking Stones Writers, knowing that each Monday you will receive a new writing prompt.  Write the prompt, if it inspires you.  Or write something else to avoid writing the prompt.  Either way, you will be writing.  You don’t have to do it on Mondays, but a new prompt will be there waiting for you, every Monday in May.  I encourage you to write until the words stop flowing.  Pause.  Think.  Then write a bit more.  See what happens.

Theresa and Victoria Duncan, mother and daughter (my youngest) in 2017.  Photo:  Theresa Duncan

Motivational Monday Challenge

May 6, 2019


If we are going to have one complicated relationship in our life, I think many can link it to our mother.  My mother passed away in 1999.  Though our relationship choked on her disapproval of my life in the “Montana Wilderness,” I still miss my Mom to this very day, especially with Mother’s Day weekend approaching.  (By the way, I never lived in the Wilderness.)

John’s mom was such a down-to-earth person.  Born on a “Missouruh” farm, she told stories of her thriving chicken business being how she financed material for home-made clothing.  She was an artist at heart, but did not really pursue painting until later in life, when her eyesight faded and her hands ached with arthritis.

I am fortunate to have known the love of both these woman: one harsh with fear for my future, one soft and nurturing like a mother hen.


Writing Challenge Prompt – Mom

1)  What is your favorite memory of your Mom?  Where were you?  What was the day like?  What food or activity was involved?  Did your Mom have a favorite fragrance that still reminds you of her?  What color was her hair?  Were her hands wrinkled or smooth?  Did she stand straight and tall, or was she hunched from years of hard work? (I say was, because my Mom and Mother-in-Law have both passed away. My apologies if this past tense offends you.)

2)  If you are a Mom, what tradition have you made with your own children, perhaps in memory of your own Mom and special times you shared? 

3)  Don’t want to talk about your Mom?  No worries.  Write about a different mother-figure in your life.  What did that woman bring to your life that you treasure?  Why is she so important to you?  What

4)  Got a better idea?  Write that.

Going further…

What color are/were her eyes?  What do/did you see/feel when you look in to them?

Further still …

What qualities does your Mom or mother-figure have that most inspire you?  In what way?

Challenge accepted? One more thing…

Post what you wrote and/or post a picture of you and your Mom or you and your children. Follow Stacking Stones Writers to see what others post, including me!

Happy writing… ~T

At Stacking Stones Writers, I seek to create a community of writers, a place you can go to find encouragement for your passion – writing.  Please follow the Stacking Stones Writers blog to have easy access to all the tips, tools, and ideas shared here.  Thank you!

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