One thing every writer must do today!

Prescription for success.

Appointment calendar open on desk with my appointment to write daily highlighted on the calendar.

Do you wonder how successful writers become, well, successful? Every path seems to be a bit different, but the one thing all successful writers have in common, their prescription for success is: write daily.

I set an appointment every single day, five days a week, to write. I do my very best to move everything else outside of this time. Some days it doesn’t work, but most days it does. My writing is so important that on the days something interferes with it, I make up my writing time either earlier or later in the day. If I don’t get enough writing time in, if I haven’t been as productive as I want to be, I insert some time on the weekend to write.

The point is: writing is a habit, a routine, something you must do regularly. An appointment you keep with yourself. All the writers in my quote book have one thing in common – they wrote. A lot. Regularly. Daily.

Your routine, your appointment may be different than mine, but your calling, your gift is not. You are a writer. Write. Write now.

Happy writing… ~T

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