Photo Friday – on Saturday

Filling your bucket is important!

As Stacking Stones Writers blog followers will know, I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I missed it yesterday, because I was out filling my bucket, a very important thing for writers to do.

I took a walk, snapped a picture or two. I even took a walk in a swimming pool. I met a newcomer to my neck of the woods and we exchanged phone numbers and a promise of meeting for coffee.

I reconnected with a friend who I found sitting on a bench downtown. I met another artist friend and we had side-by-side pedicures, while we got caught up on news and our upcoming plans.

All that was so fun that today I am headed to my local, independent bookstore, Chapter One, for their Independent Bookstores event. If I manage to pull myself out that door in time (time stands still for me in a bookstore; I become lost in words and books and happiness), I will go to The Yarn Center, which is having a huge sale today in honor of some kind of yarn-people’s holiday. (I just taught myself to knit last fall, so I am still getting up to speed on the lingo and events.)

It is supposed to get cold and snow again tonight. But for now, I am heading to town in my Birkenstocks to get lost in a bookstore.

What will you do to fill your bucket this weekend? Let me know in the comments. Write a little, my friend; it is good for the soul!

Happy writing… ~T

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