Write this! Photo Friday 3.12.19

Travel (or not) and writing – seeking the story.

Buttercups (one in bloom, four in bud)
Photo:  Theresa Duncan

This morning was so beautiful. The peaks of both the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains were shrouded in clouds, but above my upturned face, I could see patches of big, blue Montana sky. Each morning as I feed my eight Rhode Island red pullets, I notice their combs getting better, healthier after a late winter storm kept them cooped up for weeks. These hens don’t want to go in for the night until the last second before dark. Songbirds sing in the pines; meadowlarks sing in the meadow; robins have finished their nest.

The calendar and the birds tell me spring is here. Even my husband reminds me this is a Montana spring: snowy and cold one minute, calm and warm the next. I know he’s right. They’re all right. But I want more proof.

We load up in the car, John and I. (Brinkley doesn’t come along; he despises car rides.) We stop by the local bakery and have a cup of clam chowder to warm us up, then we head for Lake Como. Traffic is heavy on the highway to Darby, so I can’t look around at the mountains. No Sunday driving will be tolerated on this road today; people seem to be in a big hurry.

We round the last turn and there is the lake, its water far from the dam and spillway, its surface a sheet of ice. Not what I had in mind. Not only did a huge, dark cloud trap the sun away from us, the sky spit snow on us. Though dressed for the weather, neither of us wanted to budge from the warm car. We have both had it with winter.

Heading for the house, almost to the drive and feeling a bit defeated, I spot it and slam on the brakes, jump from the car, and run to them. The first buttercups of the season are blooming right across the road from my house and right next to the stack of stones I look at every day from my writing perch (Read more in “The Balancing Act – Writing and Life @ https://bit.ly/2Ihj0J1). Bright yellow, waxy, smiling forerunners of flowers to come!

Sometimes, the story we want to tell, the scene we want as our backdrop, waits for us right at home.

What will you see and write about this weekend?

Happy writing… ~T

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