Write this! Photo Friday 3/29/2019

A dirt road through tall, dry grass, leads through a few medium-sized trees to a small rock house with no roof.  Photo:  Theresa Duncan

Scene writing enables your reader to visualize a place as though they have been there themselves. Not only do they “see” the place, but they feel it – all the scents, sounds, tastes – everything, almost as though they stand in the scene.

Write the scene in this photo – or choose one of your own. Write long. What do I mean by that? Include everything. Remember, this is a first draft of this scene. You can tighten the description or edit it in other ways later. For now, just get it down.

Going further…

Put a person in this scene. Are they walking toward you or away from you? Are they riding a horse or an ATV? Where have they been? Where are they going and why? What is the significance (drama) of the scene? What time period are they in? What happened or is going to happen in that house?

Further still…

Write a character sketch of the person in that scene. How tall are they? Male or female? Hair color? Profession? Hobbies? Dreams? Body type?

We will cover character sketches in more detail later. For now, write down all you can. Sit as long as you need. Allow your mind to envision this character, to let the character reveal itself to you. Remember, editing, picking, and choosing comes later. For now,

Happy writing…

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