The Why of Writing

bearing tree marker on a stump in the water

Why do you write? Answering this question can be a powerful tool.

This is a very personal exercise.  Perhaps you have done it before.  I have done it several times and use it as a reminder, often being surprised by something new that comes to mind.

Write a list to fill in the blank of the prompt below.  Do not worry about complete sentences, grammar, or punctuation.  Don’t even number your list.  Just write as fast as the ideas come.  When the ideas stop coming quickly, be sure to sit for a few more minutes, thinking about the prompt, seeing what other ideas surface.


I write _______________

Some of my reasons include: to share my story; to share the stories of others; because it makes me happy; to get the words out; to create, and so very many more. What will be on your list?

Going further…

Once you’ve finished your list, go back and highlight or put a star in front of the items on your list that surprise you.  Pick one of those items and write what comes to mind about that reason.

If you would like, share that in a comment or short email. I’d love to hear from you!

Happy writing….

At Stacking Stones Writers, I seek to create a community of writers, a place you can go to find encouragement for your passion – writing.  Please follow the Stacking Stones Writers blog to have easy access to all the tips, tools, and ideas shared here.  Thank you!

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